The Relocated Student

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Deana Boldon

Deana Boldon

Year in Law School: 1L

Hometown: Montebello, Calif.

Undergraduate School: California State University, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts in English

In Deana’s Words:

About Deana:

  • Born and raised in California, where she attended undergraduate school
  • Trilingual, speaking English, Greek and Spanish
  • Member of Allies, the Jewish Law Student Association, and the Hispanic Law Student Association
  • Volunteer in the CMBA’s 3Rs program
How did you decide that law school – and Cleveland-Marshall – was right for you?

I never really second-guessed my decision to go to law school and did what I had to get into law school. I didn’t really know that much about Cleveland-Marshall when I applied, but after I got accepted I just felt it was right. I was debating on a few schools, but the tuition, the location, and just the vibe around town clinched it for me. There is just something magical about Cleveland. The community here is something that I just didn’t have in Los Angeles, and I really love it.

What is it that drew you to move to Cleveland for school?

I enjoy that Cleveland is a large metropolitan city, but that it is slower paced than LA. People are friendlier hereand calmer here, but Cleveland still has all the attractions of a big city. I’m also really excited that it snows here! I wanted to go somewhere that actually had all four seasons, since LA only has one and a half.

Now that you are in Cleveland, how has the town lived up to your expectations?

The town has completely exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that there were so many things to do! There are museums, theaters, malls, and a really amazing zoo. I really like to go out on Friday or Saturday nights to East 4th street and West 6th streets. There is always something fun going on, and it is a nice break from the studying that consumes the rest of my time.

How have your fellow classmates helped you adapt to your new town?

My classmates have been amazing. They have taken me around town to show me the different things that Cleveland has to offer. They keep me company when I am feeling homesick and they give me advice when I’m unsure of where to go for dinner or shopping. They have really helped to make Cleveland my new home. I don’t know what I would do with the group of friends that I have made here. They are truly some of the best people I have ever known.

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