The CSU|LAW Advantage


Let’s start from your future.

Starting out, you have a real world experience on your resume and have a professional legal network to send it to. You easily work alongside graduates of other law schools who might be struggling as higher educational debt takes a bigger piece of their paychecks.

There’s a good chance your colleagues and on-the-job mentors are part CSU|Law’s alumni base, arguably one of the strongest and most supportive alumni networks in any law school, and eager to do what they can to help newer grads.

From the beginning of your law school studies, you’ve been strategically prepared and coached to pass the perhaps the single most important test of your professional life: the bar exam.

You’ve found that while law school is big, your life can be bigger, and there are flexible day, evening and part-time classes to help you complete your studies.

You experience an unparalleled connection to the community, from studying on a revitalized urban campus that has been credited with playing a large part in the renaissance of downtown, to opportunities to touch lives through a thriving clinical and pro bono program. You are steps away from law firms and courts that are eager to recruit the best student help through externships and clerkships.

Let's look at your path.

As you take that first step—applying to Cleveland State Univeristy College of Law—you can see yourself here. You can see the exciting path you will follow at the one law school that has always been known for supplying practice-ready graduates to the legal field.

Your law school career will look much like the legal profession:

You will interact with actual clients and learn to manage human emotions under stress.
You will counsel and advise on trial strategy.
You will prepare briefs.
You will research and prepare your arguments.
You will help form new businesses.
You will be supervised by practicing attorneys.
You will help people and give back to the community in ways that will serve as an example to others.

You will be a lawyer.

learn law. live justice.

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