A Tour Through the Supreme Court of Ohio's New Citation Rules & Style Guide

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: 1801 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 (Moot Court Room)

Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs, C|M|LAW

Professor Jaime Bouvier, C|M|LAW

New citation rules went into effect January 1, 2012.  Are you


This presentation will take you through the Supreme Court of Ohio’s newly issued Writing Manual.  In the Manual, the Supreme Court completely overhauls its earlier Manual of Citations, which it has not significantly revised since 1992.  The Supreme Court now brings Ohio’s citation rules into line with much of the rest of the country by aligning itself with (but not following) both the Bluebook and ALWD’s citation manual. 

In the Manual, the Supreme Court has also, for the first time, put forth a Style Guide.  The Style Guide not only deals with citations, but also with more general punctuation and structural rules, including how to properly use quotation marks, ellipses, footnotes, and headings. 

While the rules in the Writing Manual are not mandatory, the Supreme Court strongly encourages lawyers to follow these rules when writing briefs.  Learning and following these rules will help you to write more persuasive and trustworthy briefs for your clients.  

This presentation will combine lecture with an interactive workshop so that attendees will not only learn the new citation and style rules, but will be ready to put them into practice.  Attendees will also be provided with materials that summarize some of the biggest changes in the areas lawyers use most.

Professor Broering-Jacobs has taught legal writing to law students and lawyers for over ten years, and she is currently C|M|LAW’s Director of Legal Writing. In addition to teaching at the law school, Professor Broering-Jacobs frequently speaks on writing topics to law firms, student groups, and other organizations. She received her undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Notre Dame, and she graduated fourth in her class from the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. After graduation she clerked for two years for the Honorable Sam H. Bell of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Before she began teaching, Professor Broering-Jacobs was a litigation associate in the Cleveland office of Baker & Hostetler.

Professor Bouvier is a Visiting Legal Writing Professor teaching first-year students legal writing, research, and advocacy. She received her undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Iowa where she majored in English.  She graduated first in her class from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  After law school, she clerked for Judge Kathleen M. O’Malley in the Northern District of Ohio.  She also served as staff counsel to Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  She taught Constitutional Law and Civil Rights and Liberties in the political science department at Cleveland State while practicing law at the Chandra law firm.  She has practiced before federal, state, municipal and administrative courts at both the trial and appellate levels.


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