*POSTPONED: Blockchain Law and Business Basics Workshop

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: 1801 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 (Moot Court Room)


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and the IOT Collaborative in partnership with the University College London’s world-leading Centre for Blockchain Technologies UCL CBT) invite you to attend the Blockchain Law and Business Basics Workshop.

As digital assets and currencies begin to gain wider mainstream and institutional adoption ($200+bn market cap, $20-30+bn daily transactional volumes and $1.5bn in VC investments [2019]), there is a growing demand for high-quality education on how blockchain or distributed ledger technology  is changing the way business is executed; why blockchain is different; how it works and the legal issues it raises.

 This workshop is grounded in the growing number of significant industrial and governmental research engagements conducted by UCL CBT. The workshop is a thorough program that provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the underlying technology and design principles behind DLT’s, its different governance structures and effects on business models, regulations, legal issues culminating with exploration of practical applications in financial services, manufacturing/IoT, law and healthcare.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning about blockchain legal issues and business applications. The workshop is accessible to all fields and all levels of experience.

What will I learn? 

• What is a blockchain or "Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)"?
• DLT Design
• DLT Governance and Consensus models
• Legal and Regulatory Implication of DLTs
• Use cases and applications of DLT
- Cryptocurrencies
- Financial Services
- Legal Services
- Manufacturing/IoT
- Healthcare


Thamim Ahmed, Researcher, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Thamim focuses on Research and Development activities within financial services sector at the leading Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London (UCL CBT). Core activities involve carrying out token economic designs, building DLT solutions for central banks, start-ups and governmental institutions and advising subject matter experts on building technical capabilities of their blockchain applications.

Thamim has a background as a physicist then engineer and product manager, and possesses deep knowledge of the fintech industry, specialising on payment systems and digital assets. Thamim has a proven ability to lead teams in defining strategy and executing software solutions. He is an expert at architecting systems through meaningful user experience that will enrich lives and build business success.

On a more personal level, Thamim has a deep-rooted belief that DLT’s will be the answer to bridging the gap between machine and human interaction, to which a ‘privacy first’ approach will play a crucial role in ensuring trust is sustained and coordinated by large organisations around their customer and business data.

Cosponsored by The Internet of Things Collaborative 


CLE credit: 4 hours pending

Category: CLE Programs, General, Public Lectures

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