Appellate Practice Clinic Students Successful in Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals Arguments

Posted 2020-01-29 11:45am

Appellate Practice Clinic Students Josh Hillman and Jed Chedid were recently successful in representing their client in front of the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals. The students, supervised by Clinical Professor Doron Kalir, represented a previously pro-se litigant who was alleged by his sister to be in violation of a court-ordered settlement agreement.

“This was a truly rewarding experience that culminated in success,” Chedid said. “Working closely with an experienced practitioner in handling this appeal has taught me much about the appellate process and what practical representation looks like.”

Significant work was required from the Clinic students on the case as they were forced to tackle false claims relating to their client being a vexatious litigator; refusal by the Court to allow several motions; the last-minute cancellation of Oral Argument by opposing counsel; and earn granting of the submission of post- Oral Argument Summary of Points to the Court. 

Late last year, the Court of Appeals affirmed the original decision and denied the sister's appeal, accepting in full the Clinic's arguments.

“I'm very happy that we were able to secure our client the result he deserved,” Hillman said.  “As for my experience, this was by far the most influential experience of my law school career to date. The amount of time and effort we had to put into helping our client made the result all the more rewarding.”

“Serving a pro-se client's needs has brought on the sense of satisfaction and responsibility that one looks forward to when deciding to become an attorney,” Chedid said. “As a result, I hope to continuously be involved with the legal clinics throughout my law school experience.”

The client was extremely gracious and grateful for the representation, telling the Clinic members, “I cannot thank you enough.  I'm so grateful to you and your students for representing me.  This is a big load off my mind. Again, thank you!"

The Appellate Practice Clinic engages students in representing underprivileged communities such as persons afflicted with homelessness, immigrants, LGBTQ members, and others.  Students learn how to perfect an appeal, author a brief, and present oral argument while representing clients primarily before Ohio's Eighth District Court of Appeals, the Board of Immigration Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.


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