C|M|LAW Develops Strategic Bar Passage Partnership

Posted 2012-11-14 2:19pm

November 14, 2012--

C|M|LAW has negotiated an agreement with BARBRI, a nationally-known provider of bar exam preparation courses, under which BARBRI will be the exclusive provider of bar preparation courses for C|M|LAW students. BARBRI’s complete bar review course will be provided by C|M|LAW to all incoming first-year law students at no additional cost to the student.  Current upper-level students will also benefit from the arrangement; C|M|LAW will pay for a substantial portion of each student’s full BARBRI bar review course.

“Over the last several years, C|M|LAW has engaged in extensive research and data analysis regarding the factors that contribute to our students’ bar success.” said Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment.  “It has become clear that completion of a full service, commercial bar preparation course is an important factor that indicates likelihood of success on the bar exam.” 

“We found that many of our students who did not participate in a bar preparation course had a reduced chance of passing the bar, and that many of those who did not participate felt they could not pay for the course at the time the course tuition was due.”

The C|M|LAW’s agreement with BARBRI represents a strategic breakthrough in law school bar preparation. “The BARBRI partnership is about more than simply providing a bar review course.” said C|M|LAW Dean Craig M. Boise. “BARBRI is on the cutting edge of education science and will be working closely with us to provide some supplemental materials and workshops for our students, as well access to their sophisticated online learning tools in the area of bar exam preparation.”

Students don’t have to wait until they complete law school to benefit from the partnership. Entering first-year students enroll with BARBRI during orientation, and have access to BARBRI’s supplemental course materials and online study aids as they proceed through their legal education at C|M|LAW.

“BARBRI is well-respected in the legal education world for its longstanding provision of a quality product,” said Boise. “Our partnership is the next step forward in C|M|LAW’s tradition of helping our students build careers as lawyers.  We are committed to building on our competitive advantage in providing practical academic preparation.”

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