Journals Partner for First Annual 'Symposium Day'

Posted 2019-11-13 12:44pm

The Cleveland State Law Review, the Global Business Law Review (GBLR), and the Journal of Law and Health (JLH) have joined together to present the law school’s first annual “Symposium Day” on Friday, December 6. The 5-hour CLE (pending) will offer attendees the opportunity to hear experts across three trending areas that reflect changes in how we live as a broader society and the emerging legal issues that they present. The topics include Trustbusting Big Tech from the Law Review; Legal implications of Ridesharing from GBLR; and the Future of the Legalization of Marijuana from JHL.

Cleveland State Law Review chose the topic "Trustbusting Big Tech" because, as millennials, we are fascinated with how our government intends to regulate the platforms we grew up with (like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple) while also promoting competition in the marketplace,” says Patrick Lipaj, Law Review editor-in-chief. “Currently, 2020 presidential candidates are calling for the break up of these companies, over 40 state attorneys general have opened antitrust investigations, the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are investigating, the European Union is leveling antitrust fines, and our own Ohio Senate is considering state legislation to rethink how Ohio's antitrust enforcement mechanisms.”

The GBLR will address ridesharing, and industry becoming more pervasive in how we get from place to place.“Rideshare companies are convenient, efficient, and reliable, says Joseph Nelson, GBLR editor-in-chief. "By allowing us to instantly connect with drivers, rideshare platforms have changed the way we think about traveling, however, these platforms do not fit neatly into traditional modes of transportation.” The GBLR panel will discuss a variety of legal issues affecting rideshare platforms from the perspective of public and private employment, insurance, and tort litigation. 

The JLH also chose to go in depth on one Ohio’s most provocative topics. Editor-in-chief Carley Berman says that the journal’s panel will take a look at the history of the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio and the current movement to have it legalized for recreational use. The speakers will explore the possible public health consequences of legalization and the ways legalization might impact other areas of the law; the ethical issues that arise from representing marijuana clients; and the conflict between state and federal law.

In previous years, each journal sponsored separate CLE events, but Carly, Joseph and Patrick saw a benefit in collaboration. “We have three excellent journals at this school,” says Patrick. “Together, we wanted to provide local practitioners with an opportunity to earn a full-day of CLE credits (just before the year's end) while also providing a diversity of interesting, timely topics. Great way to spend a Friday!”

The event runs from 9 am – 6 pm and is cosponsored by the Gnoêsis Group. Full information is available here.

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