Monday Morning Message 3.18.19 You Hold in your Hands...

Posted 2019-03-18 9:55am

“You hold in your hands what many believe to be the best novel ever written. To Kill a Mockingbird is the story of a crusading lawyer, Atticus Finch, and his fight for moral truth and racial justice. Today, his character continues to ignite important dialogue. This iconic story has inspired many of our students to be lawyers.

It is our gift to you because of the path you have chosen and because the story of Cleveland-Marshall is also an iconic story of justice and equality…. We are proud that you have met our high standards for admission and we would be even prouder to welcome you to our C|M|LAW family as we Learn Law & Live Justice.”

Each of our admitted students receives To Kill a Mockingbird. On the inside cover of the book is their name, the date they were admitted to C|M|LAW, and additional lines for the date they will graduate law school, and another for when they pass the bar. It is accompanied by my above personalized note.

The welcome gift of “To Kill a Mockingbird” was a wonderful surprise. The personalized bonus of my name and admitted date with space to add additional milestone dates, truly makes this a special keepsake. I would like to thank you and the Cleveland-Marshall family for accepting me into the school and allowing for the pursuit of my lifelong dream. ” – Admitted Student

All of our admitted students are very talented, and most have been admitted to more than one law school. They must make their choice very soon about where to begin the next chapter of their life. We do not take their enrollment for granted.

Last year CSU Cleveland-Marshall made an unprecedented 30% leap in the size of our incoming class. We owe that success, in large part, to the personal outreach made by our dedicated alumni. We again are asking our alumni to reach out to prospective and admitted students to share why CSU Cleveland-Marshall should be their first choice.

Please consider volunteering. The time commitment will be small, but your impact could be significant. Last year, many of our admitted students said that the opportunity to communicate with alumni actually made the difference in their decision to enroll at CSU Cleveland-Marshall. 

If you are willing to help, please email Associate Dean and Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs at or Jill Johnson at

Thanks for all you do for CSU Cleveland-Marshall.

This Week’s Monday Moment:   Original Trailer of To Kill a Mockingbird

Note: on this day (March 18) in 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the landmark case of Gideon v. Wainwright, ruling that states are required to provide legal counsel to indigent defendants charged with a felony.

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