Morning Message 7.13.20 Why Choose Us?

Posted 2020-07-13 10:51am

“There is not one path. There is not even the right path. There is only your path.”   -Anonymous

This morning’s message is directed to our admitted and prospective students. The March and April LSAT tests were cancelled because of Covid-19 so we are still admitting students to CSU Cleveland-Marshall for the Fall 2020 class, and it’s also not too late to apply.


When a student is admitted to CSU Cleveland-Marshall, they have been chosen from a highly competitive pool of applicants. We know that they likely have choices between us and other fine law schools. We don’t take their enrollment for granted.


So why choose us? Our students can answer that better than I can.


We study together, laugh together, and lift each other up. Here, we do not hide notes from each other or try and set others up for failure, so we can rise in rank. Here, we work together to lift us all up and make sure we all succeed in this…Going to Cleveland Marshall was the best decision of my life.” -MaKenna Daus- Rising 2L 


“I ended up applying to close to twenty law schools….I liked several other schools and even was offered significant scholarships to some. But there was one thing that stood out during my visit to Cleveland-Marshall. It was the personal connection with the people I met in the law school.”Wes Gerber, Rising 2L


“Ask yourself, am I looking for a law school that connects me to an immense network of legal professionals? Am I looking for a law school that encourages relationship building among myself and lifelong peers? Am I looking for a law school with supportive faculty and staff members to help guide me throughout my rigorous academics? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, then Cleveland-Marshall sounds like your perfect fit.”– Samia Shaheen, Rising 2L


“ I came to learn that CM had the perfect balance of the characteristics I wanted in a law school: challenging academics, affordability, excellent local reputation, opportunities for real-world experiences, and faculty members who are down to earth and genuinely care about your education.” - Katie McLaughlin, Rising 3L


"I chose Cleveland Marshall because I felt the support and dedication to students even before I walked into the building….During my initial visit, every faculty member had a smile on their face and their passion spread like wildfire….After leaving my tour and orientation, I felt like I would have the ability and the support to change the world." – Courtney Parson, Rising 2L


“I chose Cleveland-Marshall because it felt like home. From the very first day of Jumpstart and throughout my time here, the students, faculty, and staff have always gone out of their way to make us all feel welcomed and supported.” -P.J. Sullivan ‘20


Listen to Rising 2L Tayler Gill, Rising 2L Evan Tuttle, and 2020 Graduate Daria Chalupa share their perspectives on our sense of community.


As you consider your decision, please look at the big picture because you are making a long-term decision that affects the rest of your life- not just the next few months or years.


Choose the law school that offers you the most short-term and long-term learning, leadership, externship, and employment options and that offers you the friendliest and most supportive and collaborative culture.


You’re always one decision away from a completely different life.

It's not too late to apply For Fall 2020.

Apply now and we'll still accept your score from this Summer's upcoming LSATs.




Our mission has never been more relevant; our need for scholarship support has never been more vital. It would mean a lot to us if you would take a moment to help a student get a head start on achieving their dream of making a difference in the world.

Jump Start a Student's Dream. Jump Start Our Mission.

Have a great day. Have a great week. Have a great new year.

If you missed CSU President Harlan Sands’ virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, June 24, you can see it


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My best,


Lee Fisher
Dean, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 
| Cleveland State University
Joseph C. Hostetler-BakerHostetler Chair in Law

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