New Graduate Profile: Daria Chalupa

Posted 2021-01-13 10:06am

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Meet newly licensed attorney Daria Chalupa who passed the October 2020 bar examination and is seeking a public defender role in a rural/semi-rural area of Ohio.

What motivated you to attend law school?

 I went to law school so I could become ADA Rafael Barba (from the critically acclaimed show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). I saw Barba as a champion of survivors, someone who used the law to do what was right and give a voice to survivors of sexual based crimes. He exudes confidence, he is firm yet rarely combative, and fights with his heart. For years I watched his character on TV and thought, “that is who I want to be when I grow up.” Here I am, becoming everything I hoped.

Tell us about your legal work experience (law clerk, externship, internship, etc.).

After the Ohio Bar Exam: Pandemic Edition, I worked as a Post-Graduate Fellow with the Federal Public Defender – Northern District of Ohio. Additionally, I became an Intern-Researcher with both the Cuyahoga County Office of the Public Defender and The Office of the Ohio Public Defender in their respective death penalty units. Prior to this, I externed with The Honorable Donald Nugent in the Northern District of Ohio and with Equality Ohio. Throughout my law school career, I worked as a tutor for Civil Procedure and Property. Lastly, I worked as a research assistant to Professor Sterio (international law) and Professor Sundahl (space law).

What are the best qualities you will bring to a legal employer?

Along with my dashing good looks and wonderful sense of humor, I bring with me a deep passion for justice, hyper-organizational skills (ask me about my color-coded planner), and excellent grammar skills.

What are your goals for your legal career?

Short term: get “a” paying lawyer job, ideally as a public defender in a rural/semi-rural area of Ohio.

Long term: (1) move out west, (2) secure employ in the public sector doing death penalty defense, and (3) work in federal court.

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