New Graduate Profile: Robert Higgins

Posted 2020-09-30 12:11pm

Our class of 2020 graduates are actively engaged in the permanent job search and you can help! To connect with any of our talented class of 2020 graduates, please contact Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services, Sarah Beznoska, at .

Today meet Robert Higgins, who is interested in opportunities in litigation, criminal law, estate planning, and corporate law/data privacy compliance. Robert graduated in May 2020 and will sit for the October 2020 bar examination. 

What motivated you to attend law school?

My motivation behind my law school journey has been fueled by my interest in helping people. Law school was a great avenue for me to focus on helping and defending those vulnerable in society, especially victims. In addition, the practice of law is so vast, that the ability to learn more than one segment was encouraged. Thus, law school gave me the opportunity to continually educate myself, whilst fine tuning my interest to help those in need.  

Tell us about your legal work experience (law clerk, externship, internship, etc.).

I have been a law clerk for a local municipality throughout law school where I helped draft ordinances, assisted the prosecutors in court, drafted motions and responded to discovery.  I also clerked for Judge Russo in Cuyahoga County Probate Court where I gained valuable experience into the realm of Estate Planning. I also received a glimpse into Corporate Law when I interned at Eaton Corporation and focused on Data Privacy Laws

What are the best qualities you will bring to a legal employer?

I have an array of experience from law school and prior to law school with real world experience in sales and teaching. During law school, I was able to fine-tune my research skills, writing, and interpersonal skills. 

What are your goals for your legal career?

My goal is to continuously grow as an attorney. Always being able to look back and improve while never forgetting where I came from and why I decided to attend law school in the first place, to help others. 


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