Orientation Week Features Real-World Focused Engaged Learning Day

Posted 2014-08-25 4:56pm

For the second consecutive year, incoming students at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law experienced real-world applications of the law during the school’s Engaged Learning day.   As part of their “First Years’ First Week” orientation, students visited a courtroom and area businesses, where they developed practical viewpoints of the law in action that they can apply to their first-year courses.

In the morning, students went to either the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio or the Court of Appeals of Ohio, Eighth Appellate District, and observed actual cases specifically selected for Engaged Learning Day by the judges.

“The courtroom was a lot less formal than I expected, and it was interesting seeing the comradery of the members of the court behind-the-scenes,” said Cleveland-Marshall 1L student Alexa Drenik.

In the afternoon, students visited two local companies – Nextant Aerospace and Flight Options LLC – both headquartered at Cuyahoga County Airport.  The afternoon included a tour of the facilities and a panel discussion with Directional Aviation Capital Principal Kenneth Ricci ’86, and the presidents and general counsel of both Flight Options and Nextant Aerospace. 

During the discussion period, Ricci stressed that law school teaches different methods of thinking and reasoning. 

“The best thing about law school for me was learning situational awareness,” Ricci told students.  “Law school will teach you how to find reason in a situation, as well as how to assess risks.”

Relating the law specifically to his aerospace businesses, Ricci stated that the practicality of business drives the legal framework in which companies operate.  He also recommended that students think about the business implications of why a case plays out in a certain manner when looking at cases during their upcoming courses.

“Actually getting to see and hear about what a graduate of Cleveland-Marshall has done in business has been really impressive, and I’m excited to work toward that point in my career,” said Cleveland-Marshall 1L student Bryan Boss.

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