Recent Cleveland-Marshall Graduate Myers Gives Advice on Solo Practice

Posted 2013-12-10 2:46pm

Andrew Samtoy talks with Cleveland-Marshall College of Law students.

Solo practitioner Daniel J. Myers' 11 talks with Cleveland-Marshall College of Law students.

"I've found I've been much happier and willing to do extra work when it has been for my own benefit."

For Daniel J. Myers ’11, those words have been the motivation for a career. The recent Cleveland-Marshall College of Law graduate included his reasoning for working in solo practice among several words of wisdom offered to students at an October 14 event co-sponsored by the Legal Entrepreneurial Association and Employment & Labor Law Association.

Myers is the founder of Myers Law LLC, a general civil litigation practice representing individuals and small businesses across Ohio through employment discrimination, wage & hour, consumer, commercial and construction disputes.  He offered several pieces of advice for students interested in opening their own practice after graduation:

  • When starting out, take every case possible.  Each case offers good experience when learning the ropes, and as the business grows it becomes easier to focus on a niche and to be more selective with case selection.
  • Start with a base of clients, if possible.  Use established personal networks to find initial clients and look to join networking groups to build upon that initial base.
  • Work together with solo practitioners who have other specialties, and share referrals based on the focus of their practices.
  • Find a location that matches the demographics of the client base. Share space with other lawyers when possible to mitigate costs.
  • Think about a revenue structure and how to create the revenue flow to meet business and personal needs.
  • Create a business plan. A solo practice is a business just like any other, and it is important to engage in business-minded thinking.
  • Know the amount of cases that can be handled, and consider the value of the time demanded before accepting a case.
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