Spring 2012 Event Videos

Posted 2012-04-18 3:08pm

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News & Events

C|M|LAW is proud to present influential thought leaders and inspired discussions at our Transformative Dialogues speaker series. Videos of past presentations are linked below:


Criminal Justice Forum IV:
"How to Reduce Crime by Releasing Prisoners" Mark A.R. Kleiman


The Journal of Law and Health presents:
"From Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy to Medical Child Abuse: Shifting the Focus to the Victim andAway from the Abuser"


Joseph C. Hostetler - Baker & Hostetler Visiting Scholar: Philip Hamburger
"Censorship and Death"


Littler Mendelson Employment and Labor Law Lecture:
"Working Hard, Hardly Working: How Misinterpretations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act Have Undermined its Effectiveness" Deborah L. Brake


3rd Annual Symposium of The Global Business Law Review:
"Navigating Anti-Bribery Legislation: Remaining Compliant and Competitive in the Global Marketplace"


The Center for Health Law and Policy presents:
"More Than a Tummy ache: Regulating, Preventing, and Litigating Foodborne Illness Cases

Entertainment and Sports Law Association's 2nd Annual Symposium
Co-Sponsored by the Great Lakes Sports and Entertainment Law Academy:
Cleveland and the Three Major Leagues: How the Recently Agreed NFL, NBA and MLB Collective Bargaining Agreements Will Help (or Hurt) Our Hometown Teams Win a Championship

Watergate at 40: John Dean and the Ethics of Lawyers

Urban Agriculture: It’s Not an Oxymoron. Policies for Cultivating City Land and Increasing Access to Local Food

Lawyers without Borders (Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association)

Crisis in the Courts: The New White House Push on Judicial Confirmations and the Vacancy Rate's Impact on Justice

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