Sports and Entertainment Law MLS Track

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The MLS track in Sports and Entertainment is designed for those employed, or seeking employment, in the sports and entertainment industries. Students pursuing this track take courses that allow them to understand the legal issues that govern the operation of the entertainment and sports industries. The track begins with a basic course in Contracts where students learn the fundamental legal concepts that apply to the various contracts between athletes, performers, management, vendors, and other parties. The track continues with specialized courses that provide a real-world understanding of how the sports and entertainment industries operate, how contracts are structured and negotiated, and how the law affects the sports and entertainment business. As part of this track, students have the option of taking courses in intellectual property law which is a critical aspect of the film, television, and music industry, but has also become an essential component for understanding the merchandising of sports franchises.

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For more information, contact Prof. JONATHAN WITMER-RICH.


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