C|M|LAW Community Gathers for Conversation about Charlottesville Events

Posted 2017-09-05 3:57pm

On August 24, members of the C|M|LAW community gathered for an open conversation about the recent protests and civil unrest that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The conversation was led by U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio Judge Dan Polster, Dean Lee Fisher and Professors David Forte and Kevin O’Neill.

“One of our great traditions at C|M|LAW is that we sponsor events, provide venues for dialogue and facilitate rational discussion and perspective on a variety of legal and social justice issues,” said Fisher.  “We are committed to making sure everyone feels safe and valued, and to provide space for important hard conversations. This dialogue is part of fulfilling our mission to Learn Law. Live Justice.”

Topics of conversation that arose during the discussion included first amendment rights, minority rights, second amendment rights and gun control, the role of law enforcement and takeaways from Charlottesville about the state of our society. 

“It is on each of us to do what we can, especially lawyers and judges, because that is what we were trained to do,” Judge Polster.

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