Professor Candice Hoke Retires After 23 Years at C|M|LAW

Posted 2017-09-19 2:06pm

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Professor Candice Hoke has announced her retirement from C|M|LAW after 30 years as a law professor, including the past 23 years at Cleveland-Marshall.  Hoke is stepping away to concentrate on developing more robust cybersecurity and privacy practices, including improving election cybersecurity in advance of the 2018 elections.

“We will miss Candice’s outstanding teaching, scholarship, and service, but I know that this is best for her at this point in her impressive career,” said C|M|LAW Dean Lee Fisher.

Hoke arrived at C|M|LAW in 1994 as an expert on constitutional federalism with seven years of law teaching experience at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Case Western Reserve University Law School of Law.  During her time at C|M|LAW, she transitioned from constitutional federalism to focus on complex regulatory subjects that include cybersecurity and privacy, election law, and employment law. 

In 2005, Hoke founded and directed the CSU’s interdisciplinary Center for Election Integrity, the only such center nationally that conjoined legal, administrative, and technical expertise to understand and chart solutions for the election administrative problems faced by local and state election administrators newly vested with managing electronic technologies.  She was appointed first to the Cuyahoga Election Review Panel to investigate and develop solutions for the County’s election management dysfunctions, and then she led the Center’s work after its appointment to serve as the Public Monitor of Cuyahoga Election Reform.  She testified before Congress and numerous public bodies on election administrative and technical security issues, and she has advised federal officials on election cybersecurity ranging from the Executive Office of the President, to the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice.

In 2016, she co-founded the Center for Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection with Professor Brian Ray.  The Center has quickly established itself as a national leader in cybersecurity, taking an approach that integrates law, business and technology to identify and address cyber risk and cyber management issues through education, training and applied research.

Read more about Hoke’s expertise in cybersecurity in this 2016 profile story.

“We quite literally would not have the Center if it weren't for Candice's deep expertise, hard work and dedication over the last several years,” said Ray.  “In addition to being the credible source of expertise for our Center, Candice always had a clear and impressive vision for it.”

In retirement, Hoke will continue her involved with the Center as a Senior Advisor, in addition to her other cybersecurity and election-focused projects.

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