LL.M. for International Students

Information on how to apply for the LLM program is below. Scholarship options available. For questions, please contact Julie DiBiasio at llm.programnull@law.csuohio.nulledu or 216.687.2328.

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for the LL.M Program, you must apply through LSAC.org with the information below: 

  1. A Law Degree: A law degree from an accredited foreign law school or university.
    1. Please provide the original degree as conferred, with an official translation (if not provided in English);
    2. Please provide the entire original transcript as conferred, with an official translation (if not provided in English).
  2. Resume or CV
  3. English Competency: If English is not your native language, or if you received a degree from a university where English is not the official language of instruction, you will be required to demonstrate sufficient command of the English language. This can typically be done by providing a TOEFL score of at least 100 or an IELTS score of at least 7. Candidates who obtained slightly lower scores may also be considered, provided that their academic record and other components of their application file justify such an exception.
  4. Personal Statement: A personal statement explaining why you would like to obtain an International LL.M degree, with special attention to the question of why you would like to do so at CSU Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. 
  5. Reference Letters: Three reference letters, preferably two of which from Law Professors and one from a legal employer. 

Applicants must submit their application online. Click here to apply to the LLM program. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

For information regarding the application process, contact Julie DiBiasio at llm.programnull@law.csuohio.nulledu or 216.687.2328.

Graduation Requirements

Once admitted, in order to graduate the International LL.M Program and obtain the degree, you must satisfy all the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete 24 credit hours of learning;
  2. Of those 24 credit hours, successfully complete the following Required Courses:
    1. Introduction to American Law;
    2. One Common-Law Course (Torts, Contracts, or Property), with a grade of “C” or better;
    3. One course satisfying the Upper-Level Writing Requirements;
  3. Obtain an accumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.25 or more.

Note on Sitting for the Bar Exam

While the law school is happy to advise students who would like to sit for the bar – either in the State of Ohio or elsewhere, it is important to note that the requirements set by each State for the Bar Exam are different, and may differ substantially from the Graduation Requirements set above. Accordingly, students who plan to sit for the Bar Exam should notify the school before they begin their studies, so that the school may better tailor their study plan to their needs.

Enclosed is a link for the Ohio Supreme Court bar exam requirements for international students:


Enclosed is a link for the New York Court of Appeals bar exam requirements for international students.


Transfer Process

The Graduate Admission Committee has authority to allow the transfer of up to 12 credits towards the International LL.M. To be considered for transfer, credits must have been earned at an ABA-accredited law school in courses in which the applicant earned a grade of "C" or better.

The decision whether to allow the transfer of any credits is within the sole discretion of the Committee and is not guaranteed.+

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