LL.M. for U.S. Students

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The Healthcare LL.M.

The program offers American students an LL.M degree focused on healthcare law. Our Center for Health Law & Policy is a fast growing, nationally recognized hub connecting the legal and medical communities in Cleveland and beyond.
The LL.M Healthcare Program is designed for J.D. graduates interested in increasing their specialized knowledge in the growing field of health law. The program allows students to explore healthcare-related issues within a broad social, economic, and legal context. As one of the top healthcare regions in the nation, Cleveland medical and legal communities offer unmatched access to academic and professional resources.

Requirements for obtaining an LL.M degree in Healthcare Law include:

  • 20 Hours of healthcare-law related coursework, as approved by the Law School’s Director of Center for Health Law & Policy.
  •  Thesis reflecting a substantial degree of scholarship and original research, focused on a healthcare-law related issue.
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