Krishna Grandhi '10

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Krishna Grandhi ’10 is part of a family where being a lawyer is par for the course. What is unique is practicing law in the United States, as this fourth-generation lawyer is the first in his family to go to law school and practice in the U.S.

Grandhi, an intellectual property attorney focusing on patents, licensing and technology transactions at Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, came to the U.S. to attend Cleveland State University, where he received B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science, in addition to his J.D. degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Grandhi did not anticipate pursuing legal work when he was an undergraduate. He worked full-time in computer science, and it was when pursuing his master’s degree that he decided to continue his education even further.

As it turned out, his computer science background matched perfectly with the career he would pursue as an intellectual property attorney. Intellectual property attorneys must take a field-specific patent bar to apply for patents, and to be eligible, must have a background in science or engineering. The reasoning is that attorneys need to have a basic understanding of the technology involved in the patents they are applying for. Working with technology, and the entrepreneurs backing the technology, is what Grandhi really enjoys about his profession.

“I love being involved with cutting-edge technology all the time,” said Grandhi, who worked as a tech advisor at Calfee throughout law school. “There’s never a dull day. I’m always dealing with entrepreneurs who are really passionate about what they do, and dealing with such high-energy, innovative people really makes the job exciting.”

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