Teirra Everette "10

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Teirra Everette ’10 wanted to be lawyer since she was five years old. If that interest in the law runs in the family, Everette might soon be hearing those same sentiments from her four-year-old son, who was born during her final year of law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Working in the legal field can be challenging while raising a kid, but Everette’s commitment, along with a strong support network, have made the task less daunting. 

“The key is flexibility, and having a supervisor who understands and supports that I’m a working mother is critical to managing my time,” said Everette.

Pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer, Everette focused on a pre-law concentration while studying political science and sociology at Ohio University. She had not initially anticipated attending law school at Cleveland-Marshall, but its proximity to her hometown, and the school’s history of successful minority graduates, ultimately made it her top choice.

While in law school, Everette enrolled in the dual-degree program, obtaining a master’s degree in public administration in addition to her J.D. She worked as a law clerk at Forest City Enterprises and Dominion, one of the nation's largest providers of natural gas. After graduating, Everette continued with Dominion as a contractor and was eventually hired as full-time, in-house counsel.

Given the broad nature of Dominion’s business and the small department of legal counsel working in the Cleveland office, Everette’s work covers a wide scope of legal concepts including contracts, claims, property law, regulatory law, municipality regulations and criminal law.

“My position is really exciting because I get to handle so many different types of work,” explained Everette. “I like that the work is challenging and it’s not a position where I am doing the same thing over and over again.”

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