Andrew Renacci '12

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Andrew Renacci ’12 is working in a capacity he never realized was possible so quickly in his first full-time position after graduating from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Renacci is employed at Squire Sanders LLP as an associate attorney in corporate transactions, finance and governance, and his responsibilities include working on the reorganization of subsidiaries for a major international company. He has also handled international transactions for a publicly-traded company, coordinating their efforts among several countries.

Renacci was not sure that he would be able to work on such major international transactions in the Cleveland area. He suspected that law firms handling international work were only in largest metropolitan cities. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that is not the case.

“Working in an international law practice is not necessarily something I thought you could do in Cleveland,” said Renacci, a graduate of the University of Michigan. “You think of that type of work being in LA or New York, but it’s also happening right down the street. Cleveland has a major legal practice and I can be proud of where I’m from and where I practice.”

The network at Cleveland-Marshall helped put him on track to his current position at Squire Sanders. Renacci’s first legal work came after his first year in law school as a law clerk with The Sherwin-Williams Company, a Fortune 500 company based in Cleveland. Several members of the in-house counsel for Sherwin-Williams are graduates of Cleveland-Marshall, which helped Renacci land the coveted position. While there, he discovered that he enjoyed concentrating on transactional work.

Going back to law school that fall, Renacci focused on pursuing transactional law and took classes such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Law and Corporations, to pursue that discipline. He worked in law clerk positions with Roetzel & Andress, L.P.A., and O’Rourke & Associates Co., L.P.A to gain additional experience in the discipline, utilizing the skills he learned at Cleveland-Marshall.

“Cleveland-Marshall is a great school at an affordable price and really gives you the tools to be successful in practice,” remarked Renacci. “It has offered me opportunity after opportunity, and has really given me a career.”

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