Business Law

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The Business Law Concentration helps to prepare students for careers in dealmaking, business litigation, and business executive management. By focusing their studies predominantly in business-oriented coursework and in one major, writing or practical, business-oriented project outside the classroom, the Concentration aims to prepare lawyers to plan and devise creative strategies for individuals, commercial organizations and corporations operating in the global marketplace.

The Business Concentration courses cover a wide range of topics, including real estate and economic development projects, tax matters, employment issues, contracts, federal, state and local business regulation, nonprofit, and corporate governance. The project requirement may be satisfied in a range of ways, and accommodate a range of student interests. Students have written independent research projects in business-oriented topics which may also count toward satisfaction of the Independent Legal Research course, the Upper Level Writing Requirement, and the note-writing obligation of the Law Review or the Journal of Law & Health. Alternatively, students may engage in direct, hands-on practical skills training in a variety of externships, or in the Urban Development Law Clinic, where students may work on corporate transactions or advise non-profit urban development corporations as to both their internal governance matters and in their core mandates of working for Cleveland's urban regeneration.

Faculty: Professors Michael Borden, Thomas D. Buckley, Candice S. Hoke, Christopher L. Sagers, Milena Sterio, Mark Sundahl, Alan Weinstein, and Clinical Professors Pamela Daiker-Middaugh and Carole O. Heyward

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