Study Rooms

The Law Library has 25 group study rooms. These rooms may be reserved by C|M|LAW students only and are designed for use by groups of 2 or more law students. Each student may reserve up to 3 consecutive hours per day.

How to Reserve a Study Room Online - Note that you MUST confirm your booking via email.

**Please stop by the circulation desk to let a staff member know what study room you need unlocked.
  1. Go to or click on "Reserve a Study Room" on the Law Library home page.
  2. Choose "Study Rooms" from the "Book a Space" drop down box. Current day will display.
  3. Select Study Room and Times - Information about each room and a picture of each room can be seen by clicking on the blue "info" next to the room number. Click on the box for the room and time you want to start your reservation. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the hour you wish to end the reservation. Then click on Submit Times and Continue.
  4. Fill in Booking Details - Fill in your name, your C|M|LAW email address (other email addresses will not work), the name of your study group, and the number of people in the room (must be 2 or more). Click on "Submit my Booking."
  5. Confirm your Booking - You will receive a confirmation email shortly, with the subject "Please Confirm Your Booking." You will have 30 minutes to confirm the booking by clicking on the confirmation link inside the email. When you do so, you will receive another email shortly, with the subject "Your Booking Has Been Confirmed."
  • Cancel your Booking - Both the "Please Confirm Your Booking" and the "Your Booking Has Been Confirmed" emails contain links by which you can cancel your reservation.


rev. BF 9/19


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