For Alumni

When you graduate from CSU|LAW you can:

  • Use the library's collection of print and other materials. Reference help available during research service hours.
  • When you are in the library, you may use many of the law databases, including Westlaw Patron Access, HeinOnline and Nexis Uni. Alumni do not have remote access to these databases. 
  • Check out non-reference materials with an Alumni Borrower's Card or Ohio Supreme Court Bar Card.
  • Get wireless Internet access using the free unsecured CSUGUEST network, but you can not print from your laptop.
  • Use public workstations to access legal sites, .edu sites and .gov sites. Most commercial sites are blocked on the public workstations, unless they are legal research sites. The home page on these work stations is Legal Research on the Web, which is a portal to legal information available in the library and on the web. You can print to the attached laser printer for $.10 a copy using dollar bills or change or you can download your results to your own USB drive. Some databases, such as Nexis Uni and HeinOnline allow you to email documents to yourself.
  • Copy forms available on CD-ROM onto your laptop, or onto a USB drive, using public workstations.
  • Ask the research librarians for help via phone (216 687-6877), chat (click on the chat icon on the library home page) or email: research.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu.
  • Use the student lounge or study rooms to study for the bar exam. You may also want to consult the Bar Exam Resource Guide.
  • CALI is available to you 6 months after graduation to help study for the bar. After that, annual dues are $250. Contact CALI directly. 
  • Lexis and Westlaw may be available on a limited basis for a limited time after graduation. The details as to what is provided and for how long vary from year to year. Consult the CSU|LAW Library Blog for more information. 




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