Civil Procedure

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4 Credit Hours

In Civil Procedure we study the process by which legal disputes of a civil nature are decided in an adversarial system of justice. This includes how a civil lawsuit begins, which courts may hear the dispute, where the lawsuit may be filed, who may be a party, how parties gather facts to support their claims and defenses, what law governs a case that is filed in federal court, how such a case is resolved, procedural remedies, and the binding effect of a final judgment. Specifically, topics covered may include pleadings, joinder of claims and parties, subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, venue, choice of law, discovery, resolution without trial (including summary judgment, default judgment, and dismissal), trials, and issue and claim preclusion. The course involves close examination of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as statutes and constitutional provisions that govern civil litigation. Required for graduation. 

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