Health Care Compliance I

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Credit Hours:
2 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*; Health Care Law, LAW 686, may be taken concurrently.  This course will provide an introduction to compliance with statutes, regulations and internal requirements generally with an emphasis on compliance in the health care industry. This course will cover the following topics: defining and understanding compliance, the essential elements of an effective compliance program, organizational steps necessary to achieve compliance and understanding where compliance fits into the various aspects of the health care industry. The course will also touch on the major substantive areas that require intense compliance activity, although the students will be presumed to have a basic working understanding of those statutes and regulations from a previous health care law course. Students will learn how to ensure that clients comply with the appropriate laws and regulations including: the CMS Regulations, the False Claims Act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Act, HIPAA, the Stark Law, and the federal sentencing guidelines.

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