Medical Malpractice

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Credit Hours:
2 or 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*. Evidence (LAW 661) and Trial Advocacy (LAW 663) recommended but not required for the 3-credit version of the course. Focusing specifically on medical malpractice, this course offers students the opportunity to delve deeply into the substantive law, litigation practices, and policy implications of medical negligence and related litigation. Malpractice cases involve unique pleading requirements, pretrial procedures, standard of care issues, causation challenges, expert witness burdens, jury selection considerations, discovery practices and investigational techniques. The course also examines Ohio and federal statutes relating to medical liability, immunity from suit, privacy rights, testimonial privileges, limitations on actions, damage caps and tort reform. When offered as a 3-credit course, approximately one-half of the course will consist of practical litigation skill exercise, including motion practice, witness examinations, opening statements, and summations specific to medical malpractice. The 3-credit version of the course will satisfy the Skills requirement.

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