Post-Conviction Remedies

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3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the barriers to justice facing convicted, incarcerated defendants through simulated representation of actual clients. Students will learn the post-conviction procedures available to convicted clients. Through engaged participation, students will handle the simulated representation of the criminal case of an actual client. Students will digest trial transcripts, critically review original law enforcement investigations, investigate new areas of factual development, research applicable legal challenges, and draft a filing with a brief in support. From week to week, students will engage in simulated representation tasks and present the state of their case in small groups. Through class discussion, the students and professor will explore the hurdles and opportunities that face each client. This course will offer opportunity for client engagement. Students will learn about R.C. 2953.21 Post-Conviction Remedies, Criminal Rule 33 Motion for New Trial, Executive Clemency, Motions to Withdraw Plea, and Conviction Integrity Unit Applications. Ultimately, each student will draft one such filing on behalf of their client. No prerequisites.

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