Animal Law

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Credit Hours:
2 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*. Animal Law focuses on the legal, social and biological nature of nonhuman animals, including companion animals, wildlife, and animals raised for food and research. The course will consider such topics as:
  1.  Areas of national concern and statutory interpretation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Endangered Species Act, federal cruelty laws, the Animal Welfare Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Humane Slaughter Act;
  2.  State and federal constitutional issues, e.g., exemptions from laws involving the use of animals, “hunter harassment” laws, federal constitutional standing issues involving animal interests, and state constitutional provisions regarding the protection of natural resources; and
  3.   Local and state law concerns, including common law property as applied to animals, state cruelty laws, agricultural treatment of animals and protection of livestock, municipal regulations of pets, and the changing status of animals in society.
Students will write a paper in the course and make a presentation to the class. Satisfies upper level writing requirement.

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