Cyber Law

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Credit Hours:
2 or 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*. This seminar considers the interaction between information technology (i.e., computer hardware, software, networks and electronic or digital content), particularly as manifest in the Internet, and the law. We will examine substantive areas of the law which bear directly on information technology (particularly, e.g., intellectual property, contract), as well as ways in which information technology is itself shaping and transforming the law (regarding, e.g., privacy, jurisdiction), economics and culture. Classes will encourage open discussion of readings (from text and select online sources) and students should expect one or more written exercises and class presentations in addition to a substantial project (e.g., research and writing) due at the end of the term. Students are encouraged to have some background training or experience (undergraduate studies, employment, other law school courses, etc.) that reflects basic knowledge of/interest in information technology and/or issues arising from its contemporary applications. Satisfies Upper Level Writing requirement.

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