Negotiating Strategies in Sports Management

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2 or 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*. This course will provide students the opportunity to negotiate and draft agreements that a lawyer advising a sports team would encounter. Students will learn about the various components of complex deal documents and have the opportunity to then draft these documents. Students will also explore and experiment with negotiating strategies. Overall, the goal of the course is to have students master skills related to negotiating, drafting, and analyzing the various “moving parts” of complicated agreements. The class will begin with a unit on stadium lease agreements. From there, we will discuss naming rights agreements and proceed to discuss some more specific agreements: presenting sponsorship agreements, media rights agreements, food and beverage agreements, an agreements with a provider of hospital and medical services, a provider of financial services, a state-operated entity, and, finally, purchase and sale agreements for sports teams. Previously called Negotiating & Drafting Sports Marketing and Venue Agreements.

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