Intellectual Property: Advanced Topics

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Credit Hours:
2 or 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*; Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Law (LAW 658). This course explores emerging issues in the area of intellectual property that result from, as well as in, social and political changes Selected topics, including the economic basis for selected areas of IP, the role of Congress, the courts and private parties in the evolution of IP, federal preemption of state laws, constitutional limits, and the role of international law, will help illustrate changes driven by, and sometimes resulting in, new technology and globalization. Students will be called upon to consider solutions to problems that have arisen as a result of new technologies and to discuss various policy initiatives being pursued by Congress, the international community, and trade associations to address such problems. Students will be required to complete and defend a modest paper on a subject selected from the topics to be covered by the class. Grading will be based equal upon the quality of each student’s paper, its presentation, and class discussion and criticism of others’ papers. The course will generally not satisfy the upper level writing requirement but the professor may approve it as such on a case by case basis.

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