Health Care Compliance II

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3 Credit Hours

(Formerly Health Care Transactions) This 3 hour credit course will discuss the importance of corporate compliance for health care organizations, and provide an overview of the 7 basic elements of an effective compliance program. It will entail specific areas of the OIG Work Plan, fraud and abuse, sentencing guidelines, HIPAA, research, coding, conflicts of interest as well as many other topics considered high-risk to healthcare sectors. Risk assessments, prioritization and mitigation are a vital part of any compliance program. The teaching strategies for this course will include lectures, readings, case studies, corporate integrity agreements, significant group discussions, significant participation by the students, student projects and guest speakers. Students will also explore key operational concepts including audits, investigations, enforcement and reporting requirements, billing and coding basics, along with employee and vendor issues. Students will test legal and operational concepts through simulation-based projects and small group exercises, including drafting assignments and mock interviews. This course satisfies the upper level writing requirement and the skills requirement.

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