Legal Drafting: General

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Credit Hours:
2 Credit Hours; 1 semester

Prerequisites: RCC*. This course is designed to serve as a transition from law school to law practice. The course focuses on drafting of numerous non-analytic documents used in law practice such as wills, contracts, and pleadings. The course provides the student with process for drafting, and the requisite skill to master the process. Concurrently, the course considers the audience and goals of each specific document. The course brings the student back to and reinforces the principles of good writing. Lastly, the course will help develop the lawyerly skill of fact–gathering, which is a prerequisite to effective legal drafting of any type of document. The course is intrinsically designed to serve as excellent preparation for the Bar Exam section on performance, which focuses on document drafting-the Multistate Performance Exam-MPT. Satisfactory completion of the course will satisfy the third semester of legal writing requirement and the skills course requirement.

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