Space Law

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3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*. This seminar will provide a survey of the international and domestic laws that govern outer space activity. Students will be introduced to the existing space law treaties that address the use of force in space, liability for damage caused by space objects, jurisdiction, the rescue and return of astronauts, remote sensing, property rights, and other matters. Attention will also be given to national space laws, as well as to the regulatory aspects of space activity, such as the allotment of orbital slots and export controls on space technology. The class will also explore the evolution of private industry in space and the effect that the shift from public to private activity has had on the law of outer space. The course is a seminar and students will be required to write an original research paper. Students may also choose to satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement by engaging in a lengthier research project. Note: the course meets for 2 class hours per week; students will enroll for 3 credits hours to reflect the work on the required paper.

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