Information Technology and The Law

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Credit Hours:
3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*; Copyright, Patent & Trademark Law, L658, or permission of the instructor. This class will examine proprietary rights in information technology (i.e., computer hardware and software, databases, multimedia, networks, the Internet, etc.) and related content. An introductory course in intellectual property is encouraged, absent which students should demonstrate other appropriate background in the subject area (e.g., meaningful IT-related educational or vocational experience).

Substantive topics to be covered will include treatment of proprietary rights in Information Technology and related content through various forms of intellectual property law (trade secret, patent, copyright, trademark and trade dress) and newly-evolving issues presented by Information Technology (e.g., linking, framing, cybersquatting); growth of e-commerce and other Internet activities and the evolution of governing legal regimes; and liability, jurisdiction and sovereignty in cyberspace.

Students will be expected to do substantial reading and some independent research in order to contribute to class discussion and complete assignments. At the Instructor’s discretion, there may be an option to complete a research and writing project in lieu of a final exam. Offered infrequently.

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