Civil Litigation Clinic

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Credit Hours:
3 or 4 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC. The Civil Litigation Clinic is designed to provide students with real-client experience across a wide variety of cases. It provides students with the opportunity to apply the skills they acquired in their law school classes to actual cases or controversies. Supervised by clinical professors, the students may represent clients in administrative hearings, trial courts, appellate procedures and more. Students may appear before state and federal tribunals. They may engage in issues relating to consumer protection, landlord-tenant, employment law, and asylum. They may represent directly parties to the dispute, or file Amicus briefs to assist courts on principled matters.

In addition to the case work, the Clinic includes a weekly seminar component, providing instruction in trial and representation skills, and requiring the students to present their cases to their peers and to give and receive constructive criticism - much like in real life.

Permission of the instructor(s) is required.

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