Independent Externship

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Fall or Spring: 4 Credit Hours (16 hours/week) or 6 Credit Hours (24 hours/ week); Summer: 3 Credit Hours (24 hours/week) or 5 Credit Hours (40 hours)

Prerequisites: RCC; completion of 29 semester hours; cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better; permission of Externship Committee and permission of the Academic Dean. The Independent Externship allows a student to propose externing in an office where we previously have not had an externship. The student is responsible for the following: (1) finding a placement in a government, public interest, nonprofit or for-profit legal environment (but not a law firm engaged in the private practice of law). Generally, students are not permitted to arrange an externship with a judge with whom we do not have an existing relationship. There have been some exceptions made for this rule, for instance where a student wants to extern with a judge outside the greater Northeastern Ohio area; (2) arranging for an attorney at the site to supervise directly his or her work; and (3) submitting a written proposal for the externship to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The decision as to whether a proposed placement meets the goals, objectives and requirements of a Cleveland-Marshall externship shall be within the discretion of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Applications consist of a proposal conforming to the Independent Externship Proposal Guide and must be submitted 30 days prior to the initial registration date for the term in which the student wishes to enroll for the externship. The Independent Externship Proposal Guide is available online at: 

Satisfies skills and experiential skills course requirements.

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