Judicial Externship

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Credit Hours:
Fall or Spring: 6 Credit Hours (24 hours/week); Summer: 3 Credit Hours (24 hours/week) or 5 Credit Hours (40 hours/week)

Students may work for a federal district court judge or magistrate, a federal appellate court judge, or a state appellate court judge. Students may only participate in one judicial externship experience during their law school career. Externs are integrated into the work of the chambers: writing bench memos, drafting opinions, researching issues during trials, observing settlement conferences and mediations. Students also have the opportunity to observe proceedings in the courthouse which may include trials, sentencing hearings or oral arguments. We also have externships with specialized courts, including The U.S Department of Justice Immigration Court and The Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals.

For more information about a judicial externship, contact Nancy Erhardt at (216) 687-6871 or n.erhardt@csuohio.edu.

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