Government/ Public Interest Externship

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Credit Hours:
Fall or Spring: 4 Credit Hours (16 hours/week) or 6 Credit Hours (24 hours/week); Summer: 3 Credit Hours ( 24 hours/week) or 5 Credit Hours (40 hours)

The Government/Public Interest externships are placements with public interest, governmental, nonprofit or for-profit entity (but not a law firm engaged in the private practice of law). These externships are in numerous subject areas: civil, criminal, education, health, immigration, labor/employment, and tax. They are also in wide variety of types of legal practices: litigation, in-house counsel, court. During an externship a student may have the opportunity to delve into substantive areas of law, investigate claims, research and write motions or briefs, draft contracts, and participate in hearings, observe trails, settlement conferences, and negotiations. For more information about our current externship placements, students should refer to the externship placement website:

For more information about a government or public interest externship, contact Nancy Erhardt at (216) 687-6871 or

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