General Counsel Externship

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Fall or Spring: 4 Credit Hours (16 hours/week) or 6 Credit Hours (24 hours/ week); Summer: 3 Credit Hours (24 hours/week) or 5 Credit Hours (40 hours)

General Counsel externships are placements in the general counsel offices of corporations and other entities including public interest, governmental, nonprofit or for-profit organizations. General Counsel offices advise their organizations on legal issues that arise. Externs experiences will vary depending on the particular organization or entity. Their duties generally will include researching legal issues, participating in strategy meetings, and assessing alternative approaches to the legal problems presented.
For more information about a general counsel externship, contact Nancy Erhardt (216) 687-6871 or
Students interested in an externship placement not listed above should see the following section on Independent Externships (LAW 805).

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