Trial Advocacy Competition: Advanced

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Credit Hours:
2 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: RCC*, Trial Advocacy Competition (LAW 863), and Evidence (LAW 661). The course is designed to promote professionalism in the litigation arena in both the preparation and trying of cases. The structure of the course is the same as Trial Advocacy Competition (LAW 863): students must try out for membership on the team in the fall, and then prepare for and participate in mock trial competitions. The substance of the course is different: in this advanced trial advocacy course students will build on the prior year’s experiences and gain a deeper understanding of trial variety of legal issues. First, the spring competition alternates year to year between criminal and civil matters and involves different claims, defenses and evidentiary matters. Second, in addition to the fully preparing for the competitions, students in this advanced course will prepare for examining experts, prepare for and present a mock voir dire, and serve as mentors for new students in the Trial Advocacy Competition course.

The team is supervised and taught by attorneys from the Reminger law firm. The course is graded pass/fail. Each student’s final grade is determined based upon their individual performance during practices and at the trial competition. Each student’s effort, preparation, and completion of class assignments contributes toward their final grade. The course requires a greater time commitment than the usual two credit course but the students will gain considerable competencies as trial advocates. Satisfies the skills course requirement.

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