Master of Laws (LL.M.) Thesis

Course Number:

Credit Hours:
1 or 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: Admission to the LL.M. program and completion of 20 credit hours of course work (or commencement of student’s seventh semester in the program, whichever occurs first). Three credits elected upon commencement of work on the LL.M. thesis; and one additional credit elected each fall or spring until thesis is completed. Must be elected the fall or spring semester immediately following completion of 20 credit hours of course work in the LL.M. program or during the student’s seventh semester in the LL.M. program, whichever occurs first. With approval of the student’s graduate adviser, a student may enroll earlier, concurrently with completion of the required course work. Graded on a Pass / Fail basis upon completion of the thesis and its acceptance or rejection by the Graduate Studies Committee. Grading note: A grade of “T” shall be entered each semester for LAW 890 while work on the LL.M. thesis is in progress. Upon acceptance or rejection of the thesis by the Graduate Studies Committee, a grade of AP” or AF” shall be entered for those credits, but such grades shall not be included in the computation of the candidate’s final G.P.A.

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