First Assignment Spring 2020

Contracts - Gwendolyn Majette

LAW 511 Section 61


Spring 2020

Cleveland Marshall School of Law

Professor Gwendolyn Roberts Majette

 “No study of law is adequate if it loses sight of the fact that law operates first and last, for, upon, and through individual human beings. This, of course, is what rescues law from the status of a science, and makes its study so frustrating—and so fascinating. "Knapp, Crystal, & Prince


Required Texts:  (1) Knapp, Crystal, and Prince, Problems in Contract Law: Cases & Materials (9th ed.) & (2) Knapp, Crystal & Prince, Rules of Contract Law 2019, (Wolters Kluwer)

Assignments:  Below is the reading schedule for the first two weeks.  I reserve the right to revise the assignments based on our actual rate of progress during the semester.

Some assignments may include the study of statutory material. You are responsible for consulting & reading the supplementary source materials (the Rules of Contract Law) when a statutory reference or the Restatement (Second) of Contracts is mentioned in the assigned reading.


Date                   Topic                                                                                   Assignment

1/14                    Introduction to Contract Law                                                     pp. 1 – 17

1/16                    Objective Theory of Contract & Duty to Read                              pp. 35 - 51

1/21                    Offer & Acceptance:  Bilateral Contracts &                                  pp. 51 - 66

                            Unilateral Contracts

1/23                     Agreement to Agree                                                                  pp. 77 – 98



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