First Assignment Spring 2020

Estates and Trusts - John T. Plecnik

LAW 609 Section 1

Welcome to Estates & Trusts!  This course is designed to survey the law relating to the disposition of property upon death through probate and non-probate transfers.  

Estates & Trusts is one of the most common practice areas, and many of you will write wills and trusts throughout your career.  It is also frequently tested on the Ohio bar exam, so mastering its fundamentals is a necessity for most of us.

Your syllabus for the course is attached, and your first reading is to prepare Assignment 1 for class on Monday, and Assignments 2 & 3 for Wednesday.  We may not complete all three Assignments in the first week, but my goal is to assign the material as far out as we might go, so that you are always prepared.  

The required text for the course is Dukeminier, Sitkoff, & Lindgren, WILLS, TRUSTS, AND ESTATES (8th ed. 2009).  It is an older edition, and that is by design.  The 8th edition is considerably cheaper, but still sufficiently up to date.

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