First Assignment Spring 2020

Ohio Bar Examination Strategies and Tactics: Essays, the MBE and the MPT - Mary Jane McGinty

LAW 701 Section 1, 401

Welcome to OBEST!


OBEST is designed to provide you with detailed information about the structure and content of the Ohio Bar Exam (Uniform Bar Examination-UBE); inform you of strategies and tactics for studying and preparing for and taking the bar examination; and help you develop and strengthen your test-taking skills through the use of regular practice examinations and detailed feedback as you develop and practice a systematic approach to efficient problem solving.


We will be using an online platform in OBEST, Matrix. You will be automatically enrolled in Matrix and will receive your user name and password to enter the site in email from Barbri. Matrix is separate from your Barbri Enrolled Student Center (the Barbri site with your account, law school materials, Early Start Bar Prep and, eventually where your Bar Review Course will be located.) All work with be done in Matrix, including submission of Essays and MPTs

Please make sure that you can access both your Barbri Enrolled Student Center and Matrix accounts. For Barbri tech support: call - 1.877.385.6238 or email -

You can always contact me if you need assistance.

Additional course material will be handed out in class, including the required book.  The syllabus will have some recommended optional reading resources which may be available used or from the library for your review.

Before the first class, please complete the following:

  • Read the course syllabus
  • Complete the Questionnaire postedinMatrix and submit your answer

Please Note: MBE BOOT CAMP:  The Boot Camp (which is part of OBEST) is scheduled on 4/18/20 from 9 am to 2 pm.


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