First Assignment Spring 2020

Public Health Law - Lauren M. Collins

LAW 509 Section 501

By January 13th, you should log onto the Blackboard site: and look for the course entitled  Spring 20 (1) LAW 509 Public Health Law Section 501.  If you are properly enrolled in the class, you will find it by clicking on the "Courses" icon on the left hand menu when you log on.  If you do not see it, please check CampusNet to ensure you are properly enrolled.

Please read all of the material under "Start Here!" and "Syllabus & Course Information."  You should also read the materials under "University Resources for Students" if you have never taken an online class at CSU. This is important information about the course that you will need to understand the objectives and scheduling of the course, including deadlines for weekly Modules.

The activities in Module 1 will be due on Monday, January 20th at 11:59 PM.  You should begin to work on these activities in time to complete everything before the deadline. 

If you need departmental permission to register for this course, please contact Sarah Beznoska or Dean Broering-Jacobs.

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