COVID-19 Academic Policies

Grading Policy

All students receive their letter grades as usual. After seeing your grades, each student then has three options:

  • Keep all letter grades as given; or
  • Change all letter grades to Pass/Unsatisfactory (with "Pass" for any grade D or above); or
  • Change one letter grade to Pass/Unsatisfactory (with "Pass" for any grade D or above), and keep the remaining letter grades as given. (* Note: this final option is available for all students except upper-level students who have already used their 2 elective Pass/Fail.)

Note that "Unsatisfactory" will appear on a transcript as a "U."

GPA Calculations

The University's GPA Calculator can assist you in making GPA calculations. 

Remember that credits that are graded with a "Pass" are removed from both credits graded and credits attempted.

Academic Dismissal and Probation

Academic Regulation 5.1 is suspended for the remainder of Spring 2020 and Summer 2020. No student will be dismissed pursuant to Academic Regulation 5.1 at the end of Spring 2020 or during or at the end of Summer 2020. Academic Regulation 5.1 will go back into effect at the end of Fall 2020.

Any student for whom Spring 2020 was a probationary period granted pursuant to Academic Regulation 5.3 is granted an additional probationary period through Fall 2020. Such students may take classes in Summer 2020. Summer 2020 classes will not affect the additional probationary period granted through Fall 2020.

Incomplete Policy 

Ordinarily, students with an Incomplete in a course must finish the work by the last day of the following semester. This is temporarily changed in the following ways:

Incomplete grades issued for Spring 2020 courses: For any Incompletes issued this semester, that date would be July 10, 2020. The faculty decided to extend the deadline for finishing Incompletes issued this semester until September 8, 2020.

Incomplete grades from Fall 2019: Under the regular policy, for any student who received an Incomplete in a class last semester (Fall 2019), the work needed to be finished by Tuesday, April 28. The faculty has extended this deadline. Students now have until July 3, 2020, to finish the required work for the course.

For graduating students, however, keep in mind that you will not graduate and cannot be certified for the Bar Exam until all necessary classes are finished, including outstanding Incomplete grades. If you are a graduating student with an Incomplete from Fall 2019 or who receives an incomplete grade in Spring 2020, please finalize and submit all work not later than Friday, June 5, 2020, to ensure that you can graduate on time and also that you can be properly certified to sit for the summer Bar Exam. (Of course, the status of the bar exam also remains uncertain, but you should still plan to submit all your work by June 5.)  

Distance Learning Policy

The Law School's Distance Learning Policy provides that students may take not more than 15 credits (toward the J.D. degree) of distance learning courses. The faculty has now raised that limit, and the new limit is that students may not take more than 30 credits of distance learning courses towards the J.D. (This is the current maximum allowed under the ABA standards.)

An important exception to that 30-credit limit: The policy also provides that any time that the university requires us to offer courses remotely, those remote courses do not count toward the limit in the Distance Learning Policy. That means that all courses this semester that were switched to remote teaching part-way through the semester do not count toward the limit. (Courses that were originally scheduled and begun as distance learning classes this semester do count toward this limit.) Likewise all of the upcoming summer courses do not count toward the limit because all are required to be online.

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