Disability Services at Cleveland State University

The law school invites voluntary self-identification by students with disabilities for purposes of verifying the disability and identifying the reasonable accommodations that can be provided. Students seeking to establish a disability and arrange for reasonable appropriate accommodations should contact Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services Sarah Beznoska, 216-687-2260, or via email at s.beznoskanull@csuohio.nulledu, or the University’s Office of Disability Services, described below. Once the student has established a disability as outlined below, Ms. Davis will coordinate the provision of accommodations at the law school. Normally, a student requesting accommodations must submit the required documentation at least four weeks prior to the date for which the accommodations are requested.

The University’s Office of Disability Services is located in Rhodes Tower West 210. Director, Disability and Testing Services is Grace Clifford and she can be reached at 216-687-2015 or via email at ODSnull@csuohio.nulledu or the virtual front desk (https://zoom.us/j/7568177894) When prompted for a password, please use 301705.. In addition to evaluating documentation of disabilities and recommending accommodations, the Office of Disability Services provides a referral service for students who may benefit from the services of other agencies. It assists students with parking, access to buildings, alternates to regular text (such as audio or Braille), and provides guided orientation to the campus, as necessary. Accommodations are individualized and are arranged on a case-by-case basis.

The Cleveland State University Handbook for Students with Disabilities, available online at https://www.csuohio.edu/sites/default/files/media/disability/documents/HandbookforStudentswithDisabilities.pdf, outlines the procedure for documenting a disability and requesting accommodations. Additional information on Disability Services is available at Disability Services | Cleveland State University (csuohio.edu).

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